Tattooed Whales Chapter 13

The two decided to meet at 5 and really settled for seafood. The shop was just beside Black Dragon's Restaurant. After finding a seat near the windows, Chi Jian ordered right away without any sense of hesitation. After ordering dishes for himself, he gave Jiu Lu the menu. "What do you feel like having?" Jiu … Continue reading Tattooed Whales Chapter 13

Tattooed Whales Chapter 12

With clear piercing eyes, Jiu Lu stared at Chi Jian. "Where's the surprise?" Chi Jian's fists tightened unconsciously. He coughed and tried to shrug off the matter at hand. "... ..." After a while of silence, Jiu Lu shook off his hand and walked back. "Where're you going?" "To pay." Chi Jian caught up in … Continue reading Tattooed Whales Chapter 12